Take-a-whey Native Whey is easy to add protein for everyday use. Get them in easy 800gr or 2.25kg reusable tubs in 8 amazing flavours. Easy, healthy, tasty. All the good stuff! Great tasting protein in small portions for everyday use!


What makes Native Whey so special?
A cold filtration process is applied to the pure milk from grass feed cows, removing only the bad bits, like carbohydrates and bad fats leaving only the good stuff. The cold filtration process preserves 95% of the bio-available protein. During the drying process moisture is extracted from the liquid leaving only the pure native whey powder.


The most common way to use?
Mix one scoop with 300-350ml liquid, like water or (almond) milk.


For those who don’t do common; we’d love to see your recipe on our instagram timeline. Share using hashtag #takeawhey.


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